Paint teh Castle

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Paint teh Castle - nick rau

  Enjoy the sights of ancient Castles! Remember times of fairytale with knights and princesses, with batles and glory!
Get a glimpse of history and arhitecture and discover great places worldwide!



Gameplay Trailer:


Castle of My Dreams

Little castle in my hand
How big you seem to me,
Filled with laughter and romance
My mind wanders aimlessly.

Hopes and dreams that can come true
In a castle such as this,
Where beauty's just so magical
and where love is full of bliss.

A place of power and of strength
Where lives are fairy tales,
Where chivalry is honored
On such a tiny scale.

Suddenly the castle's gone
and swept there out to sea.
Only in my mind I'll see
The goodness it did for me.

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